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Hi Fellow 720 World members.

                   I'm in need of some doors with minimal rust or even new old stock would be nice and also some rocker panels, the cancer has taken over and I want to do the body work again on my truck, it lasted for 15 years and the northern climates have taken a toll. Any info on where I can get a set of doors and some rocker panels would help in the cost of the body work. If anyone out there has anything please send me some pictures of them, if they will do I will pay for shipping or will arrange for pick up as I have family and friends all over North America.

                             Thanks The Island Hopper

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I have a single passenger door (red) in good condition. Can get more pictures.  Let me know.  Sorry, no driver door.

Hi there fellow 720 owner,
Yeah that door looks nice, how much and where are you located? Thanks Chris

This may have been a premature post, as I'm located in Texas.  I think the shipping for the door would cost more than the door itself.  I'm not sure I feel confident building a crate for the door and finding a suitable carrier.  If you'd want to entertain further I'll let the door go for $60.  Will get you more pictures as well.  Window intact with crank, door is fully functional without fault other than paint.  Will include hinges and misc items.

Hi Chris,

             Totally understand, I have found some doors in a few scrap yards on a website called car-parts.com and they have some closer to my side of North America, places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia etc. but they don't all have pictures so I'm going to make some calls and then make a trip down to see them. I also have found someone in Ohio that has some aftermarket rocker panels for sale on Ebay. I appreciate your help and if push comes to shove I always wanted to visit Texas, my sister went to University of Austin Texas but I never visited her, so who knows you might meet me in person.

                              Thanks again Chris The Island Hopper

I had the same issues. Lower sections of doors rotted out. Visited family out of town and saw doors on Craigslist they were power window doors and one had damage in the hinge area. I just took a Sawzall and cut off the lower section I needed and welded them to the original door and left the rest for scrap. Not much to pack after cutting off what I needed.


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