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Need more problems.

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I think some of us would like to see zero problems, but if I were a betting man this would be a cycle of repeating posts about blown head gaskets, computer carb difficulties, and clarification about how the dual plug system fires simultaneously. Would I be accurate?


I have a question since things are slow. I am still running my original ignition module. Next week I have a 14 hour commute drive home where I pass several U-Pull it places(not in my 720). I didn't bring my tools so what would I need to pull an ignition module for a 1982 Pick up. I think a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of needlenose should do it, but since I don't have access to my truck to look at it. Am I missing something? I just wanted to pack a cheap spare because if that goes there is no instant gratification, the part would need to be ordered. 

rotor removed

Once the two screws are out the reluctor just pries off with the flat blade screwdriver. Same with the module below it.


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