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Any idea if this fits the 720?



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Where’s the pix

Did you ever find anything out on this item?

It doesn't seem to be a 720 bumper, at least not any I've seen.

The pockets for the running lights should be larger, the holes next to them should be closer to the center of the bumper and larger.    The ends seem to have a slight angle to their cut where the 720 bumper is cut off straight for the end caps to fasten and their should be 4 holes in the front (2 per side, one on top of the other) for the bumper to fasten to the mounts toward the center.

The ends of the bumper should have 2 holes stacked as well for the bumper ends to bolt on and their should be 4 holes across the top for those same items to mount with.

hey Thanks for the reply.  The other option is the Nissan Hard body trucks.  


Dan Marx



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