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Little Trucks, Big World

Here is where I got my Jasper Engine,it is a Nationwide company and sells to Jasper engine installers,it is a remanufactured engine,comes with a 3 year/ 100,000 mile warranty and if anything goes wrong with it in warranty time,they will send the installer a new one and pay him to replace it.I got mine in 2009,have put 82,000 miles on it and at the same time I put a new Weber Carb on it.I use NGK Iridum spark plugs,they are way better than the regular NGK plugs.I have never had a problem withe the engine,my 85 4x4 now has 366,000 miles on the speedo,I bought it back in 94.Most people will not spend this kind of money on a old truck,but I did and it is like new.Since it is a 4x4,the labor cost is higher.Guess what it cost?My transmission was replaced a few years back,they are hard to find.I just changed the transmission fluid in it.Our Governor is opening some of our stores tomorrow,going to get a haircut,lol...yeah,I am in Georgia...Still working...

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