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I can't believe no one has had an engine problem after last April. This post is to prime the pump. 

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My naps z has been running problem free for years. Ka swap coming soon so there should be problems posted shortly if ka issues are up your alley. Actually made a stand and prestarted it to minimize problems. Not a drop in replace for sure.

Talking about that KA Swap....  I owe you the apology of a lifetime.... Two years ago I was going to sell you the swap mounts and oil pan off my former KA Swap so you could finish yours.  If you still want them, send me an e-mail to patrick@highimpactlv.com and I will set you up with them.  I was a real ass about things, and to be honest, that was at a particularly rough time for me.  So, I'm sorry and hope to make things right.

It's ok. I had a pan fabbed up two weeks ago and got mounts from ratsun. Should be dropping it in soon

i have had a mystery oil leak so bad I don't even drive it anymore, its all over the pan, diff, tire sidewalls, 8 baseball size drips on the ground. cant locate it, the oil level hardly changes and it has zero crankcase pressure. Here is the kicker..... it never drips or leaks when its running, shut it off and it dumps everywhere.

I give up.


power steering??????

Nope.... It's motor oil

Diff oil? Seal, vent tube?

Power wash suspect areas and let dry. Keep regular watch to narrow it down.

Been through all that... Last time I paint an engine gloss black. Makes it impossible to track oil leaks down. My new boss is an engine swap fuel injection wizard . I'm considering a ka24de swap at this point

Pour some UV dye into the oil and use a blacklight.  Works like a charm on those hard to find leaks.  I had a hard time with a leak a while back on a customer car.  turned out to be a porous aluminum casting and the oil was leaking through the casting.  Was in a real bad spot too.


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