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will a ka24de bolt up to the stock 5 speed transmission of my 83 nissian 720 and how do i find out what trans mission i have?

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It will bolt up fine. It just won't last. You should have the b series ka use c series. If your shifter pivots on a visable pin you have a b series. If it sits in a six bolt cover you have a c.

so it would be better for me to get a c series? do they fit into the trucks with ease?

The truck c is a little longer and will need the drive shaft shortened. I went through 4 b series . I replaced It with a c series and is still going strong 13 years later.

did you have to shorten the shaft yourself? or did you buy one that was the correct length? 

Take your old one to driveshaft shop. Most cities have one. It cost $100. That was 13 years ago but still is around that price. Just make sure you measure correctly.
Where would be a good place I could pick up a c series and how much would it be roughly?
They started in the hardbody. Mine came from a junkyard. Prices are all over. I think I paid 300 and it was pulled. Took it to trans shop and had it inspected for I think 200. Gave me the green light and was driving it today 13 years later. The amount of time and effort it takes to change out, a pro inspection is worth the money.

would i have to do any other modification in order to have it go in? or just shorten the shaft? btw i have a 2wd 720. also do you know anything about the rear end?

Hello Channing, I've located an FS5W71C in a truck nearby with about 122K miles on the clock. Its in a D21 with KA24 engine, and its a two wheel drive. Are there different lengths for the transmissions used in the 2 wheel drive verses the 4 wheel drive?  Can you tell me if the C trans from a 2 wheel drive will fit my 84 720 4x4 ? I realize I have to modify the drive shaft, the mount, and maybe the hole in the floor as I've read some of your posts on this. I'm on B series trans # 4, its from my donor truck, and its tight, for now, but the next time I want to install this C series and be done with it. Does it bolt right up? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks, DattsunAl

I remember having to trim the steel ring on the driveshaft. The splines are the same. Slipped right in. When you are doing something other than stock you will have to adjust on the fly. Rear end info is on the plate inside drivers door. They are tough, last thing you need to worry about.

well i want to put a posi into my truck and dont know how i would go about doing that being posi info for the trucks is limited. i know i have an he35 but thats it

Al if you read my posts I kind of covered it. But I am near the truck now and have been daily driving it so I could try to take pics of issues you are concerned about. Everything bolts up engine, clutch. Now mine came from a hardbody with a z24. After bolting in my ka24e I found there is a 5 degree difference between a ka and z trans. This caused me to do a slight trim of sheet metal to keep fifth gear lever position from touching my tunnel hole. Everything still bolts up just be aware.


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