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I've already found the 240 parts (I.e. wiring harness, auto ECM) before I go ahead and buy the ka24e out of a hardbody can someone explain the issue with the oil pan. I have a 86 720 2x4 single cab with a 5 speed. Thank you I appreciate it.

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The 4x4 differential requires the two pans to be welded together. I don't know whether this needs to be done on the 2wd so I am not much help. But I did complete my ka24e swap last week. If you have other questions I might be able to help.

D-21 Hardbody and 720 (beside being trucks) are similar in steering and oil pan placement. Trucks are steered from in front of the oil pan. Car KA engines have the steering back by the firewall. Thus truck oil pans are deeper towards the rear to leave room at the front for steering linkage clearance while cars are opposite. I don't know if the 2wd KA truck oil pan needs to be modified to fit a 720 but it will sure be easier than a car KA engine.

Okay I appreciate it. It's pretty tight under there and I know my engine has the external pump up front. I've never personally messed with the ka's so I know nothing about them other than forums.





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