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Okay everyone, I have been hunting for the side window (pop-out) weatherstripping/window seal for a long time to no avail. I have contacted a company that makes or sells weatherstripping about this, while I am waiting on their reply, I was curious if there is anyone else on here that is in need of these seals? I figured that I cannot be the only one with deteriorated remnants of these seals, so I this present this question/proposition.

If the company does not already have them, or has previously made them but no longer does, is there anyone else that might be interested in putting in to make a larger order? I figured if they haven't ever made them and made them custom it would likely be quite the expense for just a single set of seals, and with multiple parties involved, we could split this cost to make it a bit more economical and easier to swallow...furthermore, if going down that route, it might also be nice to have a larger quantity produced and put them up for sale to try and then recoup some of the costs...

Like I said this is just a thought at this point as I have yet to even hear back from the company.
Oh and I have an 84 kingcab, so that's the seal I would be doing, although I believe the 85 should be the same, if I'm not mistaken?

Let me know what you guys think, I figured this is the best possible place to be able to get a group together for these kind of issues/unavailable parts!

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