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Do 720 owners flip their upper control arms to avoid ball joint spacers?  Work? any negatives for this?

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from looking at a 720 a-arm 83-86, it appears that the ball joint would be at one seriously screwed angle.


 Balljoint spacers are very good to use, when used properly.

 I prefer them over aftermarket arms because the stock a-arm  is at least close to the stock angle, much less stress on the upper pivot shaft bushings.


Y u hate balljoint spacers?


It's for someone on Ratsun. I seem to remember someone doing this. He already suggested spacers. I'll agree. Thanks Steve.

I must add that the 1" spacer that is sold by A/C is more than enough on a properly maintained front suspension.. 2" of proper lift that will take an alignment, 3" with some tricks.

 Seems people want to lift the hell out of their 720s but don't factor in that worn parts make this near impossible unless they are happy with leaning tires and floppy steering.


All spacers do is HELP correct suspension geometry... what good is that if all the other parts are whored out?





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