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I know this isn't an engine problem, but there seems to be no where else for it.

When I turn on my lights they go straight to high beam, I can't get just low beam at all. Ive disconnected relays, changed the switch, checked fuses, even stripped the wiring loom right back to where it goes through the fire wall and cant find any reason it should be doing it. When I put in the switch out of another 720 I recently wrecked, high beam was working properly, but low beam wasn't working at all. I'm out of ideas, and I think things to check, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The terminals get gunked up over time and probably need a good cleaning. Start by taking the little rectangular cap off just behind the headlight/turn signal switch and clean it up. I had a similar issue, it was most apearant when it was cold (isnt it winter where you live right now?) because the grease in the switch gets thicker. But eventually it did it all the time. A good cleaning and its still good as new.


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