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On October 4th, 2016, someone swiped the left locking hub off my 1984 720.  POOF, Gone!
The truck was sitting right in front of my house in broad daylight!  They didn't touch the right hub.  Go figure.

Anyway, I m sure hoping someone might have one or two locking hubs for the '84.

I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  THANK YOU for reading.  

PS--I'd also like to hear ideas on how to make the hubs theft proof.

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A thief with a torx bit is well prepared. A little blue locktite? I have had mine loosen on their own, serviced the hub lately?

Thanks channing.  Yes, it definitely wasn't an "impulse" crime.  My Friends think whoever stole it must have had my truck "cased out" in advance.  I am trying to find new hubs.  Looks like WARN is (as always) a rock solid possibility.  The Rugged Ridge hubs that are commonly said to fit won't fit according to the factory.  None are in the local junk yards either.

Hi John,got any pictures of your rig....

Howdy, Tommy, will any 26 spline six bolt pattern locking hub fit the 720?

Hi John,I have no idea,never had a issue with mine,Steve G. from California may know,Steve pipe in and let John know ,if no one gets back with you,I will look it up and see,back in 2000,I bought some tires and rims out of the newspaper that came off a Toyota truck 4x4,they don't have locking hubs like our Nissan's,you have to stop and manually lock them in,the rims only had 2 center hubs,I went on line and found two more and grinded the inside down to make fit on the front,so my locking hubs shouldn't come off,you can go to my page and see my rims.look's like you have the one's like Toyota has,you have to stop and get out and lock them in,on mine I have a 4x4 lever between my seats,so you may need the 84 and younger one's,I will look it up if no one gets back to you,k.

Thanks, Tommy.  The only one I know for absolute certain sure that fits is the WARN 29087 but it has been discontinued by WARN and I am have trouble finding it in stock from a reputable supplier.

Hi John.I looked up the Hub Assy-Free Running on a Nissan site and it shows just one type for the manual type like your's and it's no longer available and it is very pricey,you probably will have to get it from a junk yard or someone here may have one.I will look some more.Both sides are the same.Click on link to see.

Thanks, Tommy.  I had found that exploded parts diagram but not the link to the cost of the park.  Yes, they are very expensive.  I had to bite the bullet today and get something so I can get my 720 back on the road.  I did save some money but had to pay $251 (incl. shopping with no tax) for a pair of NIB WARN 29087's.  WARN verified that is the right part for the 1984 720.  O'Reilly's have one of them somewhere in California but wanted a grand total of $400 with tax and shipping.  Some of the other places that "said" they had them got real vague when I asked if they were actually in stock.  I checked with the junk yards and no luck.  Once I get them put on, the next trick will be how to protect them from getting ripped off again!

From what I seen,you got a steal of a deal.

Thanks, Tommy, Much appreciated.  I was ready to pay $300, PLUS shipping from an outfit in Boone, North Carolina, but when they checked their inventory, they realized it wasn't in stock.  Then I found one on ebay from a good outfit and I made an offer and they countered and we made a deal.  It's covered by ebay's guarantee and has a bomb proof return policy and their feedback is 99.9% positive on ba-zillions of sales.  I think I got lucky.


Received any good ideas for securing the hubs on your truck?  

Other than 'security' bolts and threadlock.. One idea is to 'glue' a ball-bearing (or use combo of glue & solder w/o bearing) in the recess of the allen-bolt so that no tool can be inserted.  On our trucks, this is a reasonable measure given how infrequently the hubs are disassembled and/or removed.  The process can be undone with proper tools and know-how but not by most petty thieves on the street.





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