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Looks like 720 World is closing and I just want to say it's been fun and interesting being here and knowing and talking with you all. I moderate another forum so being here is like a holiday for me. Thanks for the information and letting me contribute


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First off I also want to say "Merry Christmas" to all.

Second is that by now you must have received an email stating that Cory is going to keep the forum...thanks to all of you guys that have helped and encouraged.  I'm impressed!

Third, where can I contribute?


There is a donate button on the right side links.

I donated $20 today for the site.  It's been worth much more to me over the years.  Not to mention the people I have met here.

I've paid more for one drink, so what's the excuse?  There is so little info for the 720 as it is, let's not get to this point again.

I think you need to drag your happy ass back here Datzenmike. We ain't goin' nowhere!


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