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Don..... your posting of



Replies are closed for this discussion.???


Delete the Post and or open it up.

Looks good though....non 4x4 and all....:)


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Point is....
No discussions were ever closed here.....yet....(?)......not like those other sites you (we) have visited previously.
Ratsun= punk bitches....kidding... That is one seriously sweet 720, post that thing in ebay
Bring on the slag...............LOL
I do understand why he set it up as a closed topic..... he spends alot of time on Ratsun and that is one shitty site... alot of flaming, bashing and penis envy.... He saw it coming i guess... but its not like that here.
Correct....I was referring to Ratsun and or also.
Quite a bit more respect here.....never 'closed'.
Yeah! Hardly any disrespect here. Wonder what's wrong? Says something about 720 owners I guess. Great place to spend some time.

Ratsun is more of a club atmosphere, a hang out shoot the shit kind of place. It's founder Jeff Hino was a member of NWDE who found the original founding members a little too stodgy and unimaginative when it came to administering a web site. They were into the same monthly meetings at the same place and didn't even care that there was a huge membership (worldwide) of Datsun owners that couldn't attend the meetings, BUT, could and did like to talk online. Eventually Jeff engaged the services of a friend and started his own site. Quickly many of the other NWDE members joined and now there is a place to rap, argue, flame each other (it is frowned on) and shoot the shit about their favorite subject, Datsun. Any Nissan owner is welcome though pre 2000 vehicles are most common with late '60s to mid '80s predominant.

His philosophy was to have an informal place to talk about your cars or trucks and be with friends just like being in your own garage. There are a minimum of rules mostly to make using the site easier. With over 4,000 members there is a huge amount of experience and information available, yes it can get messy there.
i have found that 95% of 510 owners are douchebags... 99% of 280 and 260 owners are 510 wannabe douchebags that live with their moms.. 20% of the 240 guys are punks because they graduated from 510s to a pile of 240 they got for free,.... the 280 guys worship the 240 douchebags... 100% of 620 guys are just laid back and dont give a shit about anything... 720 owners are just lost bacause it really aint a datsun in most eyes... oh and all datsun owners only do the best quality work on their cars... at least their broke asses talk that way on ratsun.... i dont go to ratsun anymore... i hate datsun people...... im rambling.....
Ha ha. Count me among the 620 douche bags. 720s started out as a Datsun even having the three number name. Hey I'm a 710 douche now too!
Steve....Sounds like you would be the life of the party at a Datsun meet!
Hopefully just a disgruntled 720 owner....and not a postal worker
Lots of 720 owners there. Well Doug's a lot. I encourage A10 and 720 owners to join. These are vehicles that are usually stripped for replacement parts for 510s and to build Frankenmotors. Trying to change that attitude.
i went to the big Shasta meet twice..... thats when i discovered how much i hate datsun people... they bash everyones shit, and their shit is the best... bottom line its all shit... a few nice 510s but they are so cocky you hope they die on the drive home..... After the second meet my buddy sold his 510 because he was so discusted with the datsun crowd.


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