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Bumped my mirror while cleaning the inside of my windshield and broke the mount. Can't find one locally so I was hoping some one might have an extra. It's the triangular piece of plastic that mounts between the roof and the mirror. Has three screws in it. Prefer a gray one but any color will work. Please let me know. Thanks

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LOL,Same thing happen to me over 10 years ago,was cleaning the front windshield and hit the mirror with my hand and broke it,this was before the internet was around,got a new one from the dealer and it was costly,got a new mirror and the parts that go with it Seen some on Ebay a while back,a lot cheaper than what I paid.My wife bought me a real big mirror that goes over my mirror,she got it from QVC.

I just got the glass mount one from a '90s Monte Carlo. Has day/night and two courtesy/map reading lights along the bottom with switches. Cost me $5 for the crazy-glue to fix it to the glass and had to fish the wire from the interior lamp. I know it's not original or Nissan but it' is an improvement. Maybe Nissan has one in a later car?? I don't have a lot of wrecking yards near me.

Didn't think about a glass mounted one. I like the idea of extra lights too. I'd just need to figure something to hide the imprint and holes in my headliner. Something to think about...


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