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Okay guys, I had my head gasket blow between cylinder 3 & 4 on my Z24, pretty typical right?  I went through the motions of wedging a wood block in the timing chain (not my first rodeo), had my head surfaced and checked for cracks at the machine shop, and was ready to put it all back together.  THEN, my simple project turned into a nightmare.  My wooden wedge that I have used before had slipped out.  Freaking great, now I had to take the front cover off, which I did, replacing the gaskets and crank seal upon assembly.  Now, I have everything back together and ready to start.  I fill the radiator with antifreeze and call it quits for the day.  

The next time I'm ready to work on it, I check the oil and notice it's abnormally high.  I pull the oil drain plug and about a 1/2 gallon of antifreeze drains out.  Somehow I'm getting antifreeze in the oil.  

My thoughts are that the gasket on the front engine cover are not set correctly or moved when putting the cover on.  How else would I be getting antifreeze in the oil????  I'd hate to take the front cover off again to find out I should have looked elsewhere.

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 Hate to say it, Your going have to remove the front cover, your front cover gasket is probably screwed, If the gasket leaked, your anti-freeze will drop straight into the oil pan, I learned this the hard way, My buddy helped me rebuild my engine, He forgot to put a gasket on the front cover, put the oil in the engine, then put the anti-freeze in, anti-freeze in oil pan. opp's

Yeah Ray, I think you're right.  I absolutely dread taking the front cover off though!

Does anyone recommend putting on silicone or some other gasket maker material, or should I just leave the gasket dry?

Assemble dry, Nissan does. RTV has it's uses on an L or Z series but only the odd dab. RTV is slathered on poorly fitting chevy engine parts not on Nissans. That shit will squish out on the inside too and end up blocking the oil pick up screen.

yep.... what he said... RTV causes more disasters than good..

 One thing i do, but is frowned on by some, is i spray paint the paper gaskets with that copper coat stuff, its made for headgaskets though i dont suggest ever using it for anything headgasket related.



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