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A bunch of years ago I installed the heavy duty torsion bars and an add-a-leaf on the rear to balance out the height of my truck.

Since then I have pretty much gotten tired of the mismatch between the front and rear as far as comfort goes, the front takes the bumps nicely and then the rear slams over the bump.

I would like to get some better riding springs on the rear that maintain the height of the current set up which means I'll most likely have to get something made custom.

I was hoping someone else on here has done something similar and/or had some experience with changing them out for the same reason.   I am wondering who you chose to build the springs if so.

Thanks in advance,


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If you look around locally you can usually find someone that will re-arch leaf springs.  It's really a low tech process, they use a hydraulic press and blocks and work in steps across the leaf in small amounts.  The art and science is knowing how much and where to press.  Considering a used set of leaf springs from a junk yard would be very low dollar, and a 20 ton press from harbor freight can be had for under $200, you might even just try doing it yourself.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYWfYyYQ2kA

Interesting...how long do the results last over the long haul?   Will hauling a heavy load or flexing under stress/offroad cause it to revert back by any chance?

I think what I was hoping for was perhaps a two or maybe 3 leaf spring pack so it will flex easier and be more responsive but not harsh.

As long as you don't exceed the payload of the springs, it should last indefinitely.  The stock spring pack on the 720 is just about flat when unloaded, and pretty much is flat when fully loaded.  I've seen abused stock leafs which are actually starting to reverse in arch from being severely overloaded.  If you just have the stock leafs re-arched, you'll have the same spring rate as stock, however you may need to use extended shackles but that doesn't affect ride quality in any way, the leafs become shorter with more arch, so you may need to compensate by using a slightly longer shackle.


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