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I'm looking for a 1980-86 720 windshield washer tank. I had the engine rebuilt in my 720 and the meathead who pulled or installed the motor broke the windshield washer reservoir tank. If anybody has one or knows somebody who has one, reply here or send me a PM. Thanks.

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I guess I should have said if anybody closer than Bangkok, Thailand, had a windshield washer reservoir tank. If worse comes to worse, I might order one from this guy, but I was hoping that somebody in the United States might have one. There are "universal" reservoir tanks available, but from the reviews of them, the tank is considerably smaller than the factory tank. A used one in decent condition would be fine. If anybody's parting out a 2wd 720, I'm definitely interested in a windshield washer tank. Thanks.

I think i have an extra one, but it will be from an '84 and have the usual age discoloration and probably no pump if you are interested.

"84 and '83 should be the same. I'm not worried about a little discoloration, as long as it doesn't leak, and the pump on mine seems to be in good shape. I'm interested. How much do you want for yours?

I have a 85,bought one from them Asian's.paid 20 bucks for it,comes with pump,hoses and fittings,perfect fit,doesn't have the strainer and the old strainer won't fit.Go to my page and you can see it on my pictures.

Don't know if I'm getting to right place but I don't see it in your pictures.

It's the same as what Steve has shown on his link,look's like the price went up real high.Here's alink to one.


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