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Hi guys , just signed up. Hoping to have one more resource for helping me fix up my 83 4WD.

I also own 3 - 240z’s. One that’s complete and two projects . So I am full up with Datsuns !

Currently doing the suspension on my 720. Front is done pretty much except for tightening things up. The motor is getting new gaskets.

The interior needs all new . Thinking about Z31 seats .

I started out with a truck that didn’t run or drive , and I’m still there -lol

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Sounds like you have your hands full.  I'm super jealous of the 240Z's  that is definitely a car I have dreamed of fixing up for fun but the cost of them is getting too high these days especially when you figure in the cost of replacement parts.

I'm not sure if the Z31 seats will work, the width between the tranny tunnel and the door arm rest is pretty tight.  I installed a set of Mazda Protege seats and they just barely fit with having cut off the original seat tracks and welded them onto the Mazda seats.

Just a heads up, the seat tracks out of an early 80's Mazda B-series pickup (not the Ranger style) will actually fit our existing floor holes and they just unbolt, so you don't have to cut those off if you are looking for donors.


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