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Hi! I'm considering buying this truck as my FIRST truck! It's listed on craig's list for $3900 and has 156,000 miles on it and according to the owner runs well as a daily driver. From the photos it appears to be in great condition with no exterior rust or paint deterioration. I haven't seen the underside yet but will definitely check that out when i look at it in person. 
does anyone have any advice? is this a terrible deal?? i'm not so experienced with this. I've heard from others that they wouldn't pay more than $2500 for it because it is automatic.

here is the link to the original craigslist ad: http://delaware.craigslist.org/cto/4626675043.html

he has also sent me other pictures showing close ups and the exterior really looks rust free!

What do you think?

Thanks so much!
Moira :gotme

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Looks like a pretty good truck. You will need to look at the underside of the truck for rust, but aside from that, it looks pretty awesome! Only really missing the ST alloy wheels.

So you think it's worth the $3900 asking price?

i see a $2500 truck at best.

 Steel wheels instead of the alloy S/T wheels, the S/T decal for some reason goes halfway across the bedside (painted on?) The seats are vinyl. I dont consider the weber an upgrade. Interior looks dirty and faded. Bed is painted black or fake rhino lined.

Everything looks better in pics

Probably the trucks been painted and the ST should have been more triangle. Has power windows and sunroof, full gauges so likely an ST model. But these are cosmetic things. Does it run and drive ok, steering, suspension, brakes? Overheat, restart when hot? Quiet? Auto is a plus, it's hard to drive the shit out of a automatic equipped vehicle.

Thank you! super helpful information!

in my opinion price  it's not  to  bad  it's  an ST   model but missing factory wheels and  seats looks no originals at  least is a seat covers on   it lows the value .

Seems a bit high, $2500 maybe $2900 But not knowing how much has rusted out under the truck. The chrome wheel well trim is also missing. Here is another for $4800 http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/cto/4620129669.html

Datsun and Nissan land has been going nuts with the prices lately, i have seen people trying to sell junk 4 door 510s for $6000 and 620 trucks in primer with no interior for above 5k.   Funny it seems they all post at the bottom "NO LOW BALLERS! I KNOW WHAT MY CAR IS WORTH"

 If you know what its worth then why da fuck you asking $6000 for a parts car?

 Bottom line is they are not selling at this price, its just a ratsun pipe dream unless an idiot with a stack of cash walks by.

There was a truck listed on ebay that maybe I should have bid on. The $1600 shipping costs was the only thing keeping me from bidding. Now I am regretting it,


Bad attempt at the ST bed logos
Definitely skim you know some do"s destroy cars with a simple sticker specially ST s.






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