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So i got rid of the trailer harness the po put in and i still have no blinkers. emergencies blinkers work. when i apply the brakes they work until i turn on the blinkers then break lights go out and nothgi happens.Anyone have any idea about what should do i need fixed fast before the 15 for court lol i got pulled for not haveing them on during a turn...stupid laws

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Have you wiggled the hazard switch?  This is a real common reason why the blinkers don't work.

Try it.

i did its not that.when i have brake pedal pressed and put blinker on the brake light goes out so im thinking its the 6 pin plug under the bed

Swap the emergency 4 way flasher with the turn signal flasher, see if the problem moves to the 4 way.

What year 720???

1985 and the prev owner had a trailer plug put in well i took it out and it still does it and i think its in the plug under bed

I had one of my blinkers stop working and it turned out that I had a lot of corrosion where the bulb seats.  I took the bulb out, sanded the connectors down and put a dab of dielectric grease on it.


Found the problem 1 wire was cut up front on the blinkers so now they work.


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