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My 86 720 Kingcab had been mostly sitting for about three years under a shed.  I had started maybe run it around the farm to warm it up maybe three or four times.  Each time I would remove the battery.  Today, with a fully charged battery, I decided to take it down the road to loosen it up.  May run it two or three miles.  When doing so, I noticed that the gauge indicated it wasn't charging.  I checked around for broken or loose wires but after finding none, I put in a rebuilt alternator.  I am pretty sure that the one that was in there was original.  Still, not reading a charge.  Anybody got any ideas what I should check next?  

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Check your fusible link on your positive battery post.It's the fat wire.

Thanks Tommy.  I'll trace the wires back and see if I can find it.  Glad to see that this forum still has active members. 

If you've only driven it three or four times in the past three years, a lot could go wrong. Stuff just has to be driven more than that to remain mechanically sound. If you know it's a good battery and you put in a new alternator, my money is on the wiring somewhere.

Yeah, that's my belief too.  I was hoping for something specific but, I know it's hard to that when the problem is not in front of you.  Thanks


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