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My 86 720 Kingcab had been mostly sitting for about three years under a shed.  I had started maybe run it around the farm to warm it up maybe three or four times.  Each time I would remove the battery.  Today, with a fully charged battery, I decided to take it down the road to loosen it up.  May run it two or three miles.  When doing so, I noticed that the gauge indicated it wasn't charging.  I checked around for broken or loose wires but after finding none, I put in a rebuilt alternator.  I am pretty sure that the one that was in there was original.  Still, not reading a charge.  Anybody got any ideas what I should check next?  

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Check your fusible link on your positive battery post.It's the fat wire.

Thanks Tommy.  I'll trace the wires back and see if I can find it.  Glad to see that this forum still has active members. 

If you've only driven it three or four times in the past three years, a lot could go wrong. Stuff just has to be driven more than that to remain mechanically sound. If you know it's a good battery and you put in a new alternator, my money is on the wiring somewhere.

Yeah, that's my belief too.  I was hoping for something specific but, I know it's hard to that when the problem is not in front of you.  Thanks

Three questions:

When you turn your ignition on, but before cranking it, do you get a battery indicator on the dash?

And when you have the truck started and running do you have a battery indicator on the dash?

And last, have you measured the voltage on your battery?


Took it to a mechanic.  Turned out that the rebuilt starter was defective.  Was told that it had three shorts in it.  Anyway, thanks to everyone who replied.  Glad to see that this forum is still active.  


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