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Just found a OEM fuel pump site for our 720's if anyone is interested.I've had my 85 since 93 and only use this type.Go with the best,no splicing or hose rerouting.Will make your Weber run with the pack.That's how I do it in Georgia....

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Hey Tommy. I found a few  fuel gauge sending units on eBay that say they'll work for a d21 and a 720. You can't get but so much info on them. If you find something on an original sending unit, then great. I'm thinking about ordering one that looks to be a close match. If you find better, just post it. I'm cool with that. I'll try to send what I ordered back. Again man, thanks for all the effort. You're awesome man. If you or I find this item, we'll post it for everyone on the site. I'm sure I'm not the only thing we with this issue, but then again may be. Hahaha.

Thanks,yeah,send it to me,I may need one some day,I have pretty much replaced everything on my truck and some more than once.When I get time,I am going to take the old fuel pump completely apart and see if I can repair it.I work about 7 days a week,did 12 hours today and will tomorrow and the weather is going to about 70.My truck is running great again.My Dad is from Lenoir,North Carolina,we came to Georgia cause he was military and he retired here,we use to visit his home town alot,we might move back when I retire.Good people live where you are.

I just typed in fuel level sending unit for a Nissan 720 pickup.

On the Nissan site,it is showing different types of fuel sending units,so you will be taking a gamble on getting one of those.It may depend on the size of your tank,they vary,mine is 15.7 gallons.May be better to find a used one.


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