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Just found a OEM fuel pump site for our 720's if anyone is interested.I've had my 85 since 93 and only use this type.Go with the best,no splicing or hose rerouting.Will make your Weber run with the pack.That's how I do it in Georgia....

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The one that really works....

Hey Tommy. zman here. What is the site link?.

Here's the site for the new oem fuel pump,I just ordered new parts for the inside of the fuel pump in case mine ever fails,I ordered a new inside filter and both inside gaskets from the Nissan parts,was less than 20 bucks.If  you want the part numbers and price and pictures of inside parts let me know.Now if mine ever fails I can repair and won't be stranded.https://www.ebay.com/itm/Electric-Fuel-Pump-BECK-ARNLEY-152-0741-fi...

Hey Tommy. Zman here. Thanks for the rapid response. I'll go to that link and see if I can save you the troubles of having to list all those part #'s. I want to do the same as you and have them on hand. My 86 has the original fuel pump as well. I know it's only going to be a matter of time.

I kinda figured my fuel pump was going out,When I would get off work,it was hard to start,then when it did,it didn't want to idle,had to keep pushing on the gas pedal,then when I got to the stop sign it would die.I changed the outside fuel filter right before the fuel pump,Went to start it this morning and it wouldn't so I drove my wife's car to work.When I got home I disconnected fuel line at Weber and put it in a glass container and had my wife turn key to start and no gas came out of line,lol,wife and I did this back in 2008.Back then I thought it may be the fuel pump relay and it was good.My fuel pump filter and gaskets that go inside will be here Friday,plus I went and ordered a new fuel pump just in case adding these new parts don't work,if it does,then I can send pump back,it will be here Friday too.

I got lucky when doing my rebuild and found the last OEM pump (actually in a Nissan box) that Rock Auto had on their site.

Generally these OEM pumps are very stout and reliable units.   I made the mistake of getting rid of my original unit because I felt it was not going to pump enough to keep up with the Weber, sadly the aftermarket pump(s) I bought over the years would run good for about two years and suddenly stop working,  total pain.

I decided I would go back to the OEM pump and it actually pumps the perfect amount for the Weber and I didn't need the in-line regulator.

I do have a small issue when I step on the gas and it will bog for a split second and then pick back up, if I step on the gas abruptly it seems that you can either push the pedal right through that spot or something because it picks up and goes then.  Luckily no stalling or anything like that but it has always been hard to start when hot, it hardly wants to turn the engine but when it does rotate it starts and runs if I hold the gas pedal down a bit when I crank it.

All my carburetor parts didn't come in today,got the new carb,got the new inside gaskets but inside filter didn't come in,bummer,so hopefully it will be here tomorrow,I am hoping that putting a new filter inside the carb will fix it,also got some new inside gaskets,if this works then I will send the new carb back to Ebay,not cheap,paid 202 for it,the most I paid for one,think the last one was 135.My Weber runs good,no stalling,doesn't act up when hot,idles great.The filter and gaskets are from Parts from Nissan.I have always burned 93 octane,tried the lower type,87,and 89,my valves start to rattle.I will lay out my new parts and take pictures and when I take the 4 screws off cover,I will take pictures of fuel pump and fuel filter that is on the truck.I have always used a idle cut off solenoid,it's a must have for my 85.Tried it without,and it was a nightmare in Georgia,we are going back to cold weather again.Hey Mazda6,have you ever went into your stock card and replaced the filter.

I have good luck with facet pumps for my carburated rides. They have also been good lift pumps for my diesals. I ran a regulater on my 720 when it was carburated never sure if it was nessesary but most carb pumps run between 2-3 pounds so should be good.

Put a gauge on mine awhile back,was about 3 pounds ...My fuel pump filter came in today and just got home from work and it's cold here.So I am going to work on it tomorrow since I am off work,then I will post pictures of everything,something I like to do so I have something to look back on.I hope this fixes it,wife wants her car back...

Hey tommy. zman here again. Might you know where to find an in n tank fuel level float assembly for our trucks?. I hope you're not forced to tell me no way under the sun. I've looked high and low. So far no luck.

zman,I am looking for your fuel level float assembly,and if anyone knows where one is let zman know.I got my truck back on the road,I put a new filter and gaskets on the inside of fuel pump and cleaned it up with gas and it didn't work,I am going to take it apart when I get time.My 85 Nissan service manual has the pictures and everything.Then I installed the new fuel pump and it started right up.I was trying to save 203.00 for the new pump,I spent about 20 bucks trying to fix the old one,oh well.Here are some pictures of what I did.

Hey tommy.zman here. Once again, thanks for the rapid response. Awesome thanks. And as Tommy said, if anyone else might know where to find an in tank fuel level assembly, please respond.


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