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I have two OEM manufacturer (Victor Reinz) cork oil pan gaskets for the 2.4L engine, still in their packaging.

I also have two sets of 4x4 (black trim) taillights from a 1984 pickup (the ones with the amber turn signal lens), both sets are cosmetically nice (neither lenses or housing is cracked).

I would like to sell each as a set to avoid having a single one laying around waiting for the right person.

I also have a brand new OEM A/C condensor.

$5 for each gasket, plus shipping.

$20 per set of taillights, plus shipping.

$10 for the condensor, plus shipping.

send me a PM for pics.

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Hey man. I'll take that Condensor. If you see my reply, give me a round about time you'll be on line so I can get with you on that. You can consider it sold immediately. Sincerely zman. I would like to see a pic of it first though. The only reason is, they're is a couple that they could be even as said OEM by Nissan. This has been a big issue for me to find. I have an 86 that rolled off the line late 85 that is mostly all 85.

Send me an email. My email is zman0280@gmail.com

Thanks for your reply, I sent you an email with some pics.

I did sell the condensor and drier a while back...sorry, forgot all about updating this. 

Tail lights and gaskets are still available.

Still have the tail lights ?

Hi Stephen...yes, I do still have them if you still need them.

I have to apologize for not responding sooner.   When I got your message i tried to reply and unfortunately could not get onto the site because I was up for renewal.  Unfortunately that meant going to get a money order and then waiting for it to not only get up to him but then wait for my account to be reactivated, it took weeks to accomplish.

Thanks for replying. I’d take both sets if you have them. That way I can pick the best out of both sets. If you have any leads for a front bumper that would be great to. My email is


please drop me a line. I can PayPal you



Sent you an email with pics. and a shipping quote.


I know it's an old post, but I do still have the gaskets if anybody needs 'em.   Still on the cardboard backer and wrapped in plastic...brand new.

Tail lights were sold last year.


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