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I have two OEM manufacturer (Victor Reinz) cork oil pan gaskets for the 2.4L engine, still in their packaging.

I also have two sets of 4x4 (black trim) taillights from a 1984 pickup (the ones with the amber turn signal lens), both sets are cosmetically nice (neither lenses or housing is cracked).

I would like to sell each as a set to avoid having a single one laying around waiting for the right person.

I also have a brand new OEM A/C condensor.

$5 for each gasket, plus shipping.

$20 per set of taillights, plus shipping.

$10 for the condensor, plus shipping.

send me a PM for pics.

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Hey man. I'll take that Condensor. If you see my reply, give me a round about time you'll be on line so I can get with you on that. You can consider it sold immediately. Sincerely zman. I would like to see a pic of it first though. The only reason is, they're is a couple that they could be even as said OEM by Nissan. This has been a big issue for me to find. I have an 86 that rolled off the line late 85 that is mostly all 85.

Send me an email. My email is zman0280@gmail.com

Thanks for your reply, I sent you an email with some pics.

I did sell the condensor and drier a while back...sorry, forgot all about updating this. 

Tail lights and gaskets are still available.

Still have the tail lights ?





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