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I found my receipt from Orielly's Auto Parts on the oil pressure switch I bought from them,mine is acting up and leaking,I called them up and they looked it up through my phone number and told me it didn't show up,I told them I am holding my receipt and he asked for part number and it came up,so he ordered me one and said it will be in Monday or Tuesday,so I will have to take oil filter off to remove it to take it to them to get new one,has a lifetime warranty.Always save your receipts.The part now is 2.00 dollars more now than last time I got one,but it's free.https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/import-direct-ignition-4489/en...

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Look what Nissan wants for the oil pressure sensor.https://parts.nissanusa.com/p/90111695/B5070-80W00.html

I used a 14 mm stubby wrench to remove the oil pressure sender,didn't have to take the oil filter off,it's also still raining,now time to eat supper, then off to O'reillys to get another one.Look's like I used teflon tape on the old one.It was not leaking where it screwed into the motor.


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