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Thank you for adding Pay Pal to your payment options, The last time I saw the page you only accepted mail payments if I am not mistaken. That was several months ago. I do enjoy the forum and can occasional make a helpful comment as a retired Datsun mechanic (AJ'S Z Car Store). Money orders and postal mail is too much trouble.  AJ aka Greywolf. 

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As far as I knew he still does't accept PayPal because he has had some past issues.   

I just personally went through this having sent up a money order quite a few weeks ago, I just today have gotten back on.

Prior to this I would only get the payment options page and that was it, could not answer any inquiries from other members or anything.

If he indeed has reinstated PayPal, that would be really great news.   

I really do like this website, for the sheer fact that it is our only resource for these trucks.


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