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720World Members,

A short time ago I sent out an message asking anyone who had a posting in the Buy, Sell and Trade Forum to delete any discussions that were already bought, sold or traded or otherwise no longer active.

It was brought to my attention that you do not have the option to delete the discussion, so please "close" the discussion, and then I can come back and delete any closed discussions.

This will keep the number of posts in that Forum more manageable, and those that remain will be easier to navigate.

Also, please keep discussions here in this Forum related to items that you are looking to buy, sell or trade.

Thanks for your help.



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I marked my discussion closed, but in case you want to tuck it away somewhere before you delete the discussion, there’s a link in there to some high resolution engine pictures that might be of use to somebody who’s looking for info on the routing of all the stock lines and hoses. As I recall, the only non-stock item under my hood was an electrical connector that I put in to make changing the stock carb's anti-dieseling solenoid easier.


Hi Joe, wow, those are some nice photos, it would be a shame to lose those for sure.  Would you mind if I stuck a link to your onedrive on to the featured links page?


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