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>Hi Ya'll,I posted a topic about me getting new polyurethane bushings on my 85 4x4 back in 2009.My front tires were leaning in and wearing out the inside of my tires bad.I took it to the Nissan dealer here and told them to fix it,we'll they put new ball joints and new rubber boots on,but said they couldn't get new bushings.Which means the problem was still their,but got new ball joints.It wasn't cheap.Lesson learned,never to go back to Nissan again.I found a specialist called Columbus Springs.They looked at it and told me these Nissan's are known for bushings to go bad,but mine was real bad,the bushings were gone and the metal around the hole where the rod goes thru was wollered out. So he told me to come back next day when they opened and he would fix,had to do some welding.So when I left,I drove to Sam's and got 4 new BF Goodrich tires,I just now replaced them,got 61,000 miles out of them,and 8 years later,could of got more,he installed polyurethane blue bushings and aligned the front end,he said they were better than stock,he is right,I now have over 61,000 miles on them polyurethane blue bushings and they look like new,not worn at all and my front tires worn even across and front end is like new.A few people on this site said my polyurethane bushings were bad and wouldn't last,one even said they were dangerous.I am proof that they are better than than oem rubber ones Nissan put on them,So is OEM always better,I don't think so.Still 720ing it here in Hot GEORGIA/p>

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Poly is much harder so it's understandable that they may last longer. However there are drawbacks to poly. They transmit vibration and noise and give a harsher ride rather than isolating like rubber. Rubber grips both moving parts and flexes internally while polly is too stiff for this and usually grips one and the other chafes and wears away and squeaks. 

If you got good use and are happy with them then it's all good. I've seen nothing about polly that impresses me.

interests me.

These folks do motor mounts, might do suspension. I got a kit for a Kohler fuel pump kit, that Kohler "obsoleted", from them. Had trouble with the little poppet valves they made(cut) and he sent replacements of different material. http://www.then-now-auto.com/nors-vulcanized-motor-mounts-rubber-pr...

Hi Dwayne,here is a Beck Arnley  fuel pump that I have been using on my 720 since I had her,it's a OEM type.they are very hard to find,not for sure if this site can get them,they are great for Weber's and you need no fuel pressure regulator with them,I use a Fram fuel filter too.The best price for the fuel filters is at Autozone.I got my Fuel pump from Ebay but they are no longer posted.I believe I paid a 104.00 for the Beck Arnley fuel pump.Since you have a different type,you have cut the OEM fittings off,right.Never had a issue where my fuel filter gets clogged up,but I do replace it every few years just to make sure.Do you have a Weber?Do you use a Idle cut off solenoid?Mine purrs like a putty Kat.

I am very happy with my front end M ike.It rides better than new.No sqeaks here..





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