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When you are posting a question about your truck, whether it's a problem, identifying a part, etc.  Please include the year, model (King Cab, Regular Cab, Long Bed, Regular Bed) and 2wd or 4wd when you post your question.  You may know what you have, but those wanting to help won't know unless that information is there, without having to leave the forums, check your profile information (if you have it listed), and then return back to the discussion...  This is just a common courtesy to those you are asking to help you!

Also, please refrain from posting technical help questions in the blog areas.  Blogs are intended for something like a status updates, or just getting something off your chest, something you want to put out for people to read but don't necessarily want comments on from the entire membership.  If you post a question in a blog, people will not see it on the forum feeds, and you'll get less participation in your discussion.


Corey Amundson

aka TigerRacing


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