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Hello all...

Yeah it's me, I know I'm not on here much any more but my life is rather "complicated" to say the least.  I'm hoping that things are going to get a little better in the next 6 months or so...

Anyway, I don't get a lot of time to work on my 720's but I have a lot of projects in my head.  Right now, I'm working on a new project which was necessitated by the adding a hydraulic ram steering assist to my race truck.  I needed a bit more pressure and flow than the stock pump can put out.  And, there's isn't a lot of room in the stock location to add any other type of pump.  So I thought I share this in case anyone might want to add another PS pump for the same reason, or for another purpose such as hydraulics for a dump bed, snow plow or suspension.  Technically, you could run this along with a stock pump and have a two separate hydraulic systems, one for steering and one for something else...

I think I've found a way to add a GM Type II, Saginaw TC type pump on the left side of the Z24 motor using the mounting holes for the A/C compressor bracket.  I'm not sure yet if this will work for anything other than a remote mounted reservoir type though...  This should work for anyone who doesn't have A/C in their truck.  It should also work on a Z22 motor.

The pump I'm using can be found here https://www.summitracing.com/parts/aaf-all48250/overview/

Its a Allstar Performance pump.

I've got the prototype bracket built but I still need to get the hydraulic lines made up and the reservoir mounted but I'm getting close...

I'll keep you posted on how it works out.

Right now this TC pump has a 6" pulley on it which is oversized for this application and will end up under driving the pump especially at idle, so I'm going to try to find a 4.5" to 5" pulley to better match the inner crank pulley groove diameter, and make it closer to a 1:1 ratio.  This pump is spec'd up to 6500 rpm so a 1:1 ratio should be a good match...



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Engineering looking good.


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