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I bought a 32/36 Weber kit for my 1984 4x4 Z-24, and I am in the middle of installing it, but I have a continuing issue.
I honestly don't know where the float bowl ventilation hose is...I have pulled all theses hoses off and taken off the AB valve and the metal line that went under the intake manifold and came up in between the manifold and the valve cover with a rubber line on the end of it.

I have looked at tons of pictures on line in here and by google searching but to no avail, nothing at AutoZone.com either and nothing in my Haynes manual.

I was supposed to plug the line when I was removing everything and now I am supposed to hook it back up, but I don't even know what the heck it is or what it looks like~!!

I could really use some up close shots showing where the lines we actually need are coming from and going too as the instructions included are not the best.

I did tag the vacuum lines that they recommended as well as the fuel inlet and return, but I just could not find any pictures that showed me which line exactly was the float bowl breather hose, in fact the Haynes manual doesn't show much of anything really because they made a general disclaimer that there are too many different styles to aptly show a teardown of each unit.

Please help!!

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Just installed same carb on my 85 and had some issues.  Did anyone lose their Tach??   I just used one wire from the 6 wire plug for the the choke (blue w/red).  On one of Tommy Perkins youtube videos, it shows another wire going to a solenoid beside the choke.  I don't have this solenoid, should I?  If I cap the EGR, what should be hooked up to the vac port on the bottom of the carb?  I don't think I wanna go thru removing all the back pipe and stuff.  What is hooked up to the nipple added with the kit to the intake?

The solenoid is a fuel cutoff... You don't need it. The only downside to not having one is possible dieseling / shuddering when shutting the truck off. If your not running hot, not idleing high and tuned properly you don't need one at all.

Hi Hilblee,When I bought my Weber from Weber direct not from Redline,it came with a idle cutoff solenoid and I had the wiring wrong,someone else wired it and I did a Weber video and posted here and Corey from Tiger Racing,the owner of this page seen it and told me my wiring was wrong,I have the blue wire going to the choke and the red wire going to the idle cut off solenoid and it runs perfect,had it this way now for over 7 years,kept all the vacuum lines the same,Corey said to drill a hole under the Weber filter plate and add a Elbow and run hose to top of T.V.V. valve to make work,no deiseling  or shuddering when turned off,but I did call Redline and asked them about the idle cut off solenoid,he said it's not needed if your timing is right and you have no ideling or dieseling problems.So the Weber video you see of mine is the newest one which has my Weber,engine run super perfect,I get 20 mpg.I also had the cat cut off,which gave me more power and better gas mileage.Don't cap your EGR.I capped one of the ports at the intake in front of the Weber,the AB valve is not needed,you see it on my video.I also replaced the accererator cable,the end was coming apart,seen alot of 720's coming apart,got my new one from Oreilly's.Never had a issue with the Tac,.

I know it’s been awhile but I’m new on here. I have a 1984 720, 2WD 5 spd 2.4Z. I put pace setter header & new exhaust. About to get Weber 36 carb. Does it make a very big difference? 

Yes,Weber is the way to go,get a idle cut off solenoid too.Check out my video...

Thx Tommy.  I see you have a nice glass top box enclosing your vacuum ‘stuff’ did you fabricate that yourself? I like the clean look. Def would like to do something like that on mine. Weber idle cutoff works on these 720s correct? 

I got that box from work,and put 2 way tape on the bottom and stuck it their,it holds some tools,like screwdrivers,wrenches,so if I need to disconnect the battery cables or take the Weber filter off to clean and to spray cleaner in Weber to clean out.Saves time to go get tools.Waiting on my heater core to get here.My Weber will not idle correct without Idle cut off solenoid,the ones Redline sells has the wrong jet on it,bought one from them and made it run terrible.Long time ago I bought my first Weber from North American Weber,it came with idle cut off solenoid and I had the wiring going to the solenoid and choke wrong and Corey told me about and corrected me as you see on my video.These Webers had the black choke and Redline has the white choke which I have now,I took the idle cut off solenoid off the North American one and put it on the Redline one and it idles at 850 rpms,can hardly hear it.North American Weber is not around no more.Check this linkout

Man this is helpful. Thank you. My rpm gauge isn’t working, you have any tips on what to check? I removed dash and all plugs look good. Solid connections....heat gauge also inoperable but rest of gauges work properly. Thx again for your replies. Much appreciated my friend. 

My temperature gauge stopped working a while back,the coolant temperature sender went bad,it is located by the thermostat next to coolant temperature sensor,the sender has a male blade.I have just recently bought both,plus on the coolant temperature sensor,I got one with a new pig tail,the old one dry rooted,I am going to replace both soon but they work good now.Check your Fusible link at your positive battery cable,just replaced mine also bought a extra one,Nissan still has these for 20 something bucks.I now have 351,000 miles on my 85 720,65,000 on my Jasper engine.I also replaced the coolant temperature sensor when I replaced the sender.I use a 170 degree thermostat, tropical type,to keep engine cooler instead of the 180 degree one,standard type,the frigid type is 190 degree,this is from my Nissan Service Manual.The manual calls the coolant Temperature sender the thermal transmitter.Bought mine from Ebay.

Thank you once again Tom. This is great help. I do have the manual as I do all I can myself. I will check these sensors/transmitters and the linkage at battery terminal. Tomorrow I am going to several salvage yards in search of parts. My truck has 208,000 I just got it so no idea on history. It doesn’t leak a drop of fluid anywhere. Good sign. Thx again. Let you know if I find any good parts. 





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