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I need to know if anyone has replaced their stock radiator with a different model.

I have been keeping a lookout here in northern Australia for a replacement rad for my 1985 720 sd23.

No luck, and importing from the USA is a scary price. Do anyof you know of another vehicle that could be a donor for the radiator I need with only minor mods?

Thanks for your time.


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I would think the radiator from a gasoline truck could have the inlet and outlet moved by a professional builder/repair shop. 


Very true mate, but they want top dollar for the task. I feel sure that another rad basically similar would be in use somewhere. Unfortunately I don't know how to search for it other than ask around.

Thanks for the reply Mick

I just replaced mine. I don't know where it came from but it fit. I just took measurements of  the stock one and found a new radiator that was a little larger, but still fit. I cable tied it on, but I will screw bolts into the holes when I have a chance. Some of the holes line up... The rest I will drill into the sheet metal to accommodate the bolts and nuts. The intake was OK but the exhaust was on the opposite side. What I found was a long hose from a 2001 mercury Maquis that fit to carry  the coolant from that end of the radiator to the engine. Be creative. You can solve the problem. There is some work I want to do to that hose, like manufacture a hold down clamp to keep the hose away from the harmonic ballancer pulley... At the moment its cable tied to a metal skid plate underneath the car. The clamp I will make will be a more permanent  solution.  I will also do that when I have a moment. My radiator gave way on the side of the road, so I had to be creative on the spot. However, I am happy with the results under the circumstances... lol 

Thanks Mate that gives me hope.

I have soldered up a few small leaks in the rad for the moment and moved on to the vacuum pump for the brakes which keep leaking oil into my alternator.

There is always something to do.

I usually go to RockAuto.com, that's where I got my replacement for my 720 Datsun KB 4X4 with gas engine, North American model, but I see what you mean, I couldn't find one there. I was looking at a 1981 Datsun 720 with Diesel engine today and it looks like the radiator was good, its in a local junkyard near me. I could inquire for you if you like. Its in Manitoba Canada. Let me know if that could help, DattsunAl


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