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Are 720 rear windows all the same size or are King Cabs different from Reg cab?

Around 11/ '82 (half way through the '83 model year when all the changes happened) the part number also changed but this may be just an alternate or superseded number.

Anyone know if the rear glass is the same size and will it fit any year?

Thanks guys.


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regular cabs = small window solid or slider

King cab = big window solid or slider, solid defog, solid green (or blueish?) tint, and solid clear


I am unsure if the clear and green tint was available through all the years or it changed from one to the other.

Defog is rare here in the U.S. but if you find one its usually in the 1980 models


So all small window, all years will swap. All KC larger windows, all years will swap, Steve? Oh, yeah... thanks for the reply.

All king cabs appear to be the same size from '80-86. The big difference is in 1983 when the larger regular cab was introduced. It added length and height over the previous '80-82 cab. A pretty solid rule of thumb is that if it has a Datsun badge, it is the small cab. The small cab uses the smallest window.

The larger regular cabs are ones sold under the Nissan badge. These use a larger rear window, but it is NOT the same as the King Cab glass. To my knowledge, the King Cab uses the largest glass.

My neighbor an '86 Regular Cab and I have my king cab. When he gets.home I can measure it.

The 83+ cabs are bigger but i thought the rear glass was the same on all regular cabs

Pretty sure they are different. I have access to both. Will compare measurements.

80-86 Regular Cab rear windows are all interchangeable same goes for all 80-86 Kingcab rear windows.

I lost sleep over this
The later ones are 0.020 mm thicker and convex which aids old people in seeing through the rear view mirror.

Just joking......
Sooooo.... I'm going to be stubborn here.... I still think they are the same..
You're probably right..... But I welcome the opportunity to prove you right, Steve.

Here's a  link to our back windows.

Still not clear what fits and what doesn't Tommy.

So I guess KC windows are all the same then. Reg cab may be the same or there may be a cut off around 11'82. Patrick if you prove Steve one way or the other I would still like to know and will check back

Gentlemen, thank you.....


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