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I've been thinking about swapping my stock carb. 1985 720 4x4 with Z24. I've heard good about both the stock and Weber and wanted to gauge some current opinions. What do y'all have (stock, Weber, etc.), how long have you had it, has it impacted your power, fuel economy, etc. Any info would be a huge help. There's a K646 kit online for $300 even, includes a genuine electric choke Redline Weber, adapter plate, linkage kit, and air filter.

Also thinking about an MSD ignition box. Any comments on that as well would be appreciated!

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Our Oem Carbs are pure junk.The Nissan dealer mechanics told me this 20 years ago,got a Weber with a idle cut off solenod.Check out my linkage on my Weber,the red line doesn't have it or it doesn't come with it.I bought a Weber from North American Weber years ago,it came with the linkage I have now and the idle cut off solenoid,they had the black choke,where the red line comes with the white one,I now have a redline weber and put the idle cut off solenoid and linkage on it.I paid about 300 for it.It won't run without the idle cut off solenoid,it won't idle.Fixing to get a new A.C. compressor. and dryer. Do the two wires like I have mine.I still have my filter that goes in the fuel pump that didn't fix the old one.I use premium gas.Here's my video of my North American Weber, has the black choke. I Put a pioneer throttle cable on it,the oem one came apart on the end,these are better.Got another charcoal canister too.Who can say that they have 362,000 miles on there's. When I got it in 94,it had 108,000 on it,I done put over 250,000 on it and a million dollars in it,lol, I now have 80,000 miles on the jasper engine I got in 2009.I use Mobil 1 extented mileage oil and filter.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5Fe9N0q2Kk

I have a Weber 32/36 dgev and it vastly improved how the truck drives, how much power it has, and it's overall driveability.

I no longer have to worry about passing emissions but still have to make it look like it works, so all the emissions stuff is there but plugged since the Weber does not use that stuff like the Hitachi unit, although I do have the catalytic converter and pcv still.

I don't worry about fuel mileage honestly, I know it's a heavy truck with very little power and it's just not going to be good so I have never paid attention to it, I just fill it up when it hits a 1/4 tank.

It's my second vehicle and only get's used occasionally.

I am running the OEM fuel pump and don't have a regulator on it as the pressure was right for the Weber when I tested it and it runs great.

I have had mine for about 8 years I guess now.   The few issues I had were caused by it sitting for a long time without being used while i rebuilt the truck and engine, it got a little gummed up but a thorough cleaning fixed that.

The other issue was just because the engine was not tuned properly and once I set the timing and properly adjusted the carb, it has been running much better.

It's an easy install and uses the stock fuel rail that goes under the intake manifold and stock accelerator cable, just make sure the bolts are evenly tightened and check them after you used it for a couple hundred miles as they usually will back off a bit after some expansion and contraction.

The Weber 32/36 is about the best performance upgrade per $ spent you can do to a Z24 IMHO...  But be aware they are normally jetted somewhere between best mpg and best power...  If you want to maximize either you may need to re-size the jetting a bit.

An MSD is really overkill unless you are modifying compression and/or going full ITB.  Upgrade your wires, hotter coils and use NGK spark plugs.

After some thought, I decided against replacing the factory carb for now. The previous owner rebuilt it in the last three years or so, and it's running just fine now that I did a tune-up and I'm using premium 93. If it does start acting up in the future, I will certainly consider the Weber 32/26. Seems like the best replacement from what I've heard and read. I will be passing on the MSD as well.

You know what they say: "Don't fix what ain't broke!"


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