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After reading a good amount of forums, Cali. seems to be the scariest word on here(I could be wrong), but I've been wanting to learn more about what I can do in Cali. I wanted to know what people have accomplished in this state regarding Solid Axle Swaps and if possible get suggestions for what possible swaps one can do to a 1986 720 Kingcab 4x4.

Main reason for putting up this discussion is for information and maybe in the future(when I have money) I will apply this knowledge to my truck.

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Solid axle swaps in cali are not illegal, but any modifications that are found to be unsafe is illegal. Though never enforced it is illegal to alter a front axle in any way... this is an old law from back in the days of gasser cars and t-buckets.

 One thing that can get you in trouble is that any modification that causes greater harm to an individual in an accident can leave you open to lawsuits.

 This is cali.... enter at your own risk

Alright good to know so any solid axle swap would be "technically" legal as long as its safe


Alright. I got another question revolving axles, would swaping an engine have an affect on the axle? Would a more powerful engine require a different axle or diffefential? Lets say a vg30 engine swap into the 720 with the standard ca41?? R180 front and C200 rear axle.

as long as you dont hammer on it too hard you should be fine. The vg30 isnt really worth it though, in that case its easier to just fix up a hardbody

Ok hmm im curious, why wouldn't the vg30 be worth it?

Hey Daniel,here's a link to some people with the vg-30 engine and their thoughts,like to put one in mine.

for the horsepower gain, complex emissions that you will need to pass (visual and functional in cali to be legal).... damn for less work, more power and far more reliable then a 4.3 swap would be the way to go..

ever drive a vg30 powered hardbody 4x4?  not worth it one bit.

Steve g a 4.3 does sound nice ive seen engine mounts for it I believe on 4x4.com Im curious to know though would the transmission affect it, or the engine affect the transimission in a negative way? I have the b type transimission I dont remember the whole title but I know its standard for the 720 and it starts with an F
Thanks man, not to intrude but may I ask why you want to put vg30 in your truck just curious to know if you can point out some pros about it.

if you run a 4.3 you will want to run a GM transmission.... t-5, 700r4 etc......

I see now would any of the 4.3 v6's fit? Like the LB4 or the LG3?


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