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Anyone else have to sign in when replying to a discussion....?....like every time 'you' post?

Or is it just me.....?

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I just want to make sure it's really you guys lol...  Just kidding, I'm not seeing the problem myself, using FIrefox and XP SP3...  Could be a problem on the Ning servers.  You could try clearing your cache (temproary internet files) and deleting your cookies, sometimes those get messed up or more than one for the same website... 

How to Clear Cache and Cookies

I have to sign in each time i visit now. I clean out my temporary info regularly.

Just changed my browser from Firefox to Chrome....don't have to sign in anymore.

I like Chrome, I just don't like Mr. Google knowing that much more about me than he already does lol...

Might be a fluke, but i cleaned out my temp files and rebooted again. This visit i did not have to repeat my sign in. 

I will see what happens on my next visit. 

It prompts me to sign up or in, I click sign in as my 'puter remembers the password and I'm good. Only two quick clicks no big deal.

I had to sign in again. This is annoying.


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