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Have been looking for another air cleaner for my Weber.....sacrificed the one I had for the EFI on another truck.
Would of cost 40 bucks plus taxes and shipping to replace it.....Not
Anywho....decided to see if I could make the stock 720 air cleaner fit the 32/36.
Looks like a go......just a few more adjustments to make it bolt to the valve cover.
Don't think I'll need the center 'nut'....have those clips to hold the top of the air cleaner on.
Zip cut the center out. Cut a pot lid to fit. Shall rivet that to the bottom and 'aug' hole for Weber
Shall post the remaining 'tasks' ASAP

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I'm taking it that the EGR is not the problem then if it isn't operable at high RPM's which is where my problem is happening.

I previously just had the EGR and BPT ports plugged along with the exhaust manifold recirc. pipes and had no problems with backfiring so somewhere along the line something is different even though all these lines are plugged.
Ok guys...I am happy to announce that I have fixed the backfiring issue!!

It turns out it was the damn Exhaust Gas Recirc. tubes being open that was causing it to happen...why? Beats me!

I originally installed a set of recirc. tube plugs I made and it stopped, but I found that I had installed the reed valves turned around facing away from each other rather than at each other and I thought that was the problem. I turned them around the right way, removed the tube plugs and found that it was still backfiring and popping so I reinstalled the recirc. tube plugs I made and *bingo*, no more backfiring!!

I was hoping to recirculate the exhaust gas to help clean up the emissions a little but it's just not meant to be I guess.

Now the only problem I have is the poor starting issue. I have a couple ideas on that problem, first I'm going to replace the fuel filter and see if that is dirty since the tank was pretty low while I have been working on it, but you would think that the engine would run poorly if it were, but the truck runs fine and pulls great.

For now it got to cold to work anymore since it's only 24 outside (that's a spring day to some of you) and my hands were numb.
I know i updated this once before but I don't see the post here.

I fixed the problem with the backfiring...it turned out it was the Exhaust Recirc. tubes themselves that were causing the issue! As a last ditch effort I plugged them just to take it out of the equation, knowing they weren't the problem...boy was I wrong, but I still don't understand why they were causing a problem...either way, they are plugged now.

Currently I'm working on the fuel system trying to make it start like it used to by removing excess hose and changing a few things around and hopefully that will do the trick, we shall see!





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