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OK, I've got a confession to make, I've strayed a little off the 720 farm in the last 6 months.  I've got some good friends that are Suzuki lovers, and since they are in the Japanese family I guess I've gotten drawn in...

I'm building a '72 LJ20 into a Lawn Rover.  I just bought a house last year, and it has a very steep hillside and about an acre or more to mow.  So, I needed something 4wd that can handle that hillside without slipping or tipping.  So I figured if I can't afford a $25000 4wd Kubota tractor, I'd just have to build something a little bit at a time...

This is how she looked when I got it...

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So, my buddy who I bought this from, had already installed wider Samurai axles and drive train, and installed a Suzuki Swift GTI 1.3L DOHC engine which is one of the hot Sami conversions...  This also has some high gears in the rears, and a rear locker so it should crawl the hill pretty good.

But it was never finished, and it had no ECU or fuel injection done, and it's missing some key pieces to the engine that are getting kind of hard to find...  Another Megasquirt project I don't need right now so for the yard I figured a diesel would be a better choice. I looked around for used Kubota 3 cyclinders but they are expensive even in need of rebuild.  So when a friend of mine had another Samurai for sale that he'd started putting in a VW 1.6L TD, I couldn't pass it up.

So now the turbo diesel is coming out of the Sami and going into the Brute.  And the GTI motor is going back into the Sami...

I'm widening the front rails a bit to fit the TD better and provide more axle clearance.  And I've installed skid steer tires to keep it low to the ground and widen the stance.

I was planning on installing a 60" john deere mid mounted deck that I picked up fairly cheap off Craigslist, and mounting it between the tires.  But the right angle PTO gearbox interferes with the transfer case so I think I'll have to mount it up front instead.

I'm planning on rigging up a front PTO off the crank shaft through an offset coupler and electric clutch, so I can attach it up front with a quick attach system.  And I'm going to add full hydraulic steering.

But I'm running out of time, the grass is starting to grow so I have to get my rear in gear!

So now I'm a 720 nut and Zukihaulic...  LOL

By a goat!

Lol. Goats are for trim work.


So what class is that?
Japanese German deisel deer crawler mower
Run the Baja with that and you're sure to get 1st place!


I think it's goat class...

New frame rails are done. Moving on to fabricating motor mounts now.


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