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Ok, I've got parking signs on order, which quite a few members have asked me about.  The cost will depend largely on the number I get made at a time, but I'm targeting the cost for signs to be $25 or less, and license plates to be $15 or less.  I'm going to post some designs here for the next week or so, so please comment and let me know if you'd be interested in them, or not...

And stickers too lol...

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Yeah,Tiger,they are just what we need,one bad 720 goes on the front.They are all good,count me in.

lol, thanks Thomas, glad you like them!  I have a few more designs on the way...

ill take a license plate :) 

cool..... let me know when the stuff is in

Did you ever get any license plates??

No, still waiting for the signs to see how they come out first.  Thanks for reminding me though, I have to find out what's going on there!  Got too many things going on at once, kinda losing focus.

     You got the signs done!!!!!.....they fixed the typo for you? Sign....me up for the parking and the "members" plate.Send me something when its time to pay. Also whats the cost for the beta membership? Once again thanks for this site.

Hey Donnie, they screwed up the first batch of signs, had to send them back.  I'm giving them another shot, but if they don't look good the second time I'm going to have to find another company...

The typo was fixed though lol (thanks)...  Haven't forgotten!

Right now I'm letting anyone who's donated $20 or more in the past try out the Beta until it's officially launched in July, then whoever has donate $20 or more will get the first year Premium membership for free.  There's not a lot in there right now, but I'm working on it as I can find time...

I'll make an announcement when the signs are in and "right".

I donated 25.00 a couple months ago , and have requested access to beta. would like a member plate when you get them. thanks

         just made a donation to 720world.....cant wait to see the signs.

Added a new design, looking for feedback, like or dislike???

Yeah.looks awesome...


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