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Ok, I've got parking signs on order, which quite a few members have asked me about.  The cost will depend largely on the number I get made at a time, but I'm targeting the cost for signs to be $25 or less, and license plates to be $15 or less.  I'm going to post some designs here for the next week or so, so please comment and let me know if you'd be interested in them, or not...

And stickers too lol...

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thanks for letting us know.   The address you provided worked great...frankly it was easier to use PayPal with that then the other way.

Picked up a license plate for now, but plan on getting other things as money allows.

Thanks for having these items available!

Got your order, and it will go out tomorrow morning. Glad it worked well for you, I threw in a free bumper sticker for you since you're the first official customer of the 720World eStore!

Since there were problems with the 720World eStore not functioning properly for PayPal, I'm extending the free shipping offer though May 15th. And additionally, anyone who orders a parking sign and any license plate in the same order will get a free bumper sticker!  Offer good to May 15th, free shipping to US only.





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