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Would swapping the driver seat with the passenger seat work in the 720 kingcab. 

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It should?  I question it only because I have not heard of anyone doing it although i am sure it has been tried before by this point.

The seat frame mounting points are the same style front and rear and their is not any offset to the left or right so I believe the only issue would be that your seat recline lever would be to the inside instead of the outside.   The seatbelt is anchored to the floor so that will stay the same.

I would give it a try and see, it should not take any more than an hour to do it if you take your time.  

Most of us have just replaced the old seats because they were not all that comfy to begin with.

Let us know how it turns out.

Thank you. I'll try it and report back.

I swapped the bucket seats in my 84 regular cab ST with no problem. The back rest controls are on the wrong side but no problem with fit, belt etc. My drivers seat was just collapsed.

Thank you. My driver's seat is totally collapsed too. I've been seating on a cushion on top on boards. I've got to figure out a way to preserve what's left of the passenger seat covering material.

I got a estimate on my seats being redone at this body shop,they want 250.00 per seat,went to O'reilly's and got some seat covers for 50 bucks and stuff some towels on top and taped them to build them up and put seat covers on.He said he would use vinyl.Just the driver side is bad.These seats are very uncomfortable.

You can probably renew the original seat easily. If you look under the bottom there is a heavy cardboard between the springs and the foam cushion. Replacing that should take care of the problem. Simply cut the  "hog rings" that hold the cover and take it apart. you can just use wire to put it back together if necessary. You can probably switch the foam between the seats if needed.

I rebuilt many 240Z seats over the years.


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