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Hello, I'm a new member, but this is a great website and I've used a lot of resources from it.  I just bought a 1984 Nissan 720 Kingcab 4x4.  My dad used to own one when I was a kid, and I've always loved these trucks.  The engine and interior need some TLC, but the body is in stellar condition with no rust or dents on it.  The suspension and body have also been lift slightly which is a plus.


I just pulled the stock Z24 engine and FS5W71b transmission (213,000 mi) last weekend to do a full rebuild on both.  I have been going back and forth on keeping the stock engine or putting something in that has a little more power.  I'm till trying to figure that out.


So here's my question:  Does anybody know anything about putting a T27 or T27T engine into a 720 4x4?  I have access to one, but I haven't been able to find much information about a 720 TD27 swap on the internet.  From what I've found, with the right bell housing this engine will bolt to my FS5W71b.  Beyond that, I'm not sure whether this is even a good idea.

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Hi Daniel. I'm a new member, too. This is my first reply so I hope I can help you.

Yes, it's possible to swap the TD27T and it's worth doing it. And yes, you will need the bell housing of an FS5W71C gearbox for TD27.

You will also need the oil pan of a SD25 engine plus the engine mounts and the clutch slave cylinder of

the SD25. The oil pan has to be modified a little bit and you have to costumize the oil snorkel.

The engine will be mounted 3cm more backwards so you will have to modify the frame a little bit and you will probably need an electric fan, the visco fan will be too long .

But don't even think about trying to get more power out of the TD27T. More then the serial 99HP will kill the FS5W71B!

That's why I'm yet putting in a FS5W81B gearbox of a british Cabstar truck. My engine has 125HP with intercooler, but in combination with the gearbox-swap it's a real bunch of work!

If you want I can give you some more pictures of details.



Sorry , there is very little activity here for us diesel guys.

There is not a lot activity for 720 diesels anywhere, but more is out there.

(If you want, i will recommend)  

you will need an oil pan for sure. unless your lucky and the d21 or other 4x4 pan fits. you will also need a diesel fuel tank and sending unit. or at least a non galvenized tank. the td27 is a good motor from my experience and there is aftermarket for them compared to the sd22 or sd25. look on the european forums for more info the td27 as it is more common to the aussies etc.

and yes the fs5w71 tranny bolts to a lot of engines. but for the transmission upgrade i think they switch to the manual and auto that the 3L gas had in north america. my r3m terrano (pathfinder w/td27t) has same auto as the gas v6 anyway. from what I've read only the early production like pre92 or something td27 came with the fs5w71 gear box.

however the starter is on the same side as the gas 4cyl ka24e. I would be tempted to see if it could be fitted or adapted as all the ka24e, ca18det, rb20det, L24,l26, L28 datsun all use a similar looking belhousing they only seem to shift the top bolts around slightly. i believe the Ld28 diesel also has starter on that side as it is an L28 block. however the sd22,23 and sd25 use that same gear box but the starter is on the drivers side instead of the passengers.

google nissan diesel forum http://nissandiesel.dyndns.org/index.php they might be able to help more.

www.navara.asia is also a decent forum

Sounds like you're having some fun. I wish I was in a project like that. Some guys I know are suggesting I put in a Cummings 4BT see this link for data, but choose US from home page, I'm in Canada now so we have a different price, I don't think the B series trans can handle the torque of this thing 267 ft. pounds of torque, and 161 HP at 3600 rpm. I saw today a truck in a nearby junkyard, its a 1980 or 81 I think, it has a Diesel in it with 5 speed trans. I'm thinking it would be worth to get both the engine and trans, I heard these engines are great on fuel mileage, but low on power. Recently I met a guy who drives a 1990 or so Ford Ranger. As I walked by it it sounded like the engine was about to fall apart, but then a VW emblem on the fender caught my eye. When the guy came out of the store I talked to him and yes he did in fact install a 1999 VW 1.9 liter 4 cyl turbo diesel engine in this Ranger. As I write this he has approx 1.4 million Kilometers on the clock, it stopped at 999,999 so he estimates based on 500 KM driving per work day. 1.4 million Km is approx 870,000 miles. When he installed that VW Jetta engine in, and it was more new, he claims he got 40 MPG, now its beginning to show some wear, and he says he only gets about 38 MPG, now that's something to cry about eh? I'm lucky if I average 16-17 MPG in the winter with my 84 Datsun. When he opened up the hood it was amazing to see such a small engine in that engine bay, I could have stood right next to that engine between it and the radiator. The radiator does not have a cooling fan, he claims he never needs it, doesn't get hot enough, even in the summer. I have his contact info if anyone wants more details. I'm thinking Diesel, but I want some power to go with the fuel savings. Keep us posted on your project ! Thanks, Dattsunal, (by the way, 4BT means Bread Truck ! ) 



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