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I need to weld the frame where the Tension Rod goes through it.  The hole has become larger then it should be do to wear. I was thinking of welding a thick washer. Does any one know the size the hole should be?

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Mine did the same thing seven years ago,caused my tires to lean in and wear out the inside of tires,went and got new tires and took it to Columbus springs,a shop here,he said it's common for 720's to do this,it wollored the holes out.They welded the holes to the right size and put new blue bushings in,I now have 52,000 miles on the tires and have even wear.First I took to Nissan dealer and was told they couldn't get bushings,didn't want to werld I guess,but they did put new ball joints and axle boots on.Columbus Springs charged me 400.00 bucks and took all day to weld and install new bushings.Plus,they aligned the front end.

Here's the bill for the front end work.

don't go with the washer repair, I hope Mike or someone else will chime in here because there is a bearing race repair that works great on non-lifted trucks. its 100 times better and lasts forever.



Ok thanks, $400 isnt to bad. I wont do the washer repair.

Maybe mike or one of the others here will know about the bearing race repair.... If not, I believe ratsun has a few threads about it. I drove a truck with the bearing race modification and it drives far better than stock and holds better caster alignment

I found a similar repair someone made on a pathfinder, They welded a flat washer to the race. then welded it to the frame.   Would the same size race fit the 720?  Timken LM67010     http://s730.photobucket.com/user/koveman/media/Compression%20Rod/IM...

All I can add is that that it is not really a tension rod when mounted behind the front wheel. It's more of a compression rod.

Can't see if it matters how you fix the hole. What ever works best will do.

Do NOT use poly on them. If those are, I'd get rid of them and go back to rubber. The LCA needs forward and back support yet be free to move up and down. They are too stiff and you might as well weld it in place. Here's a 'real' tension rod from a 510 that the owner installed a poly bushing on. The poly does not allow the tension rod to move up and down like the stock rubber ones do. The tension rod is forced to flex and suffers from metal fatigue and this is what happens. Can you imagine driving at any speed and having the one front wheel suddenly unsupported in place from the front? Potentially lethal.

Hi Mike,I had these blue bushings on for 7 years now,the front end is straight and from the pictures you see that I recently took look's like they were just put on,was told the rubber ones is what causes our 720's to woller out the holes,too weak.From my 7 years of driving with them on,my front end is better than ever,I will never put rubber on again.Plus,I now have 52,000 miles on my tires and they are evenly worn.The front end specialist also told me that the rubber bushings are too week and will keep having problems,plus I had new ball joints put on from the Nissan dealer here.My ride is smooth,I love my Silverbullet.Wish you could come down to Georgia and drive it and tell me what you think.This is the most miles I have gotten from a set of Goodwrench tires,still have about a year left on them.As time goes by,I will keep you updated on my Bushings.

He knows the bushings will last forever, he is talking about how the strut rod (compression rod) will fatigue fail from the use of them... Common issue also with poly bushings on the strut rods of older falcons and mustangs, cougars, mavericks etc...... The fatigue failure give ZERO warning before breakage

This year our 85's will be 31 years old,never thought I would still have mine after 24 years,I have spent a fortune in that time,when I was looking for a truck back in 92,I was wanting a Toyota 4x4 and had 3500 cash,looked over 3 months,and ended up buying my 720.Wish I bought it new but I wasn't in the market for a truck in 85.I bought a new 2004 tundra and sold it last year.My dream ride is a 370Z.I will keep her till my strut rod breaks and kills me,but I will die happy.lol.I will keep my perty baby blue bushings and ride her out.Look what the rubber ones did,cost me 421 bucks,and made my tires wear on the inside.I will be the test dummy on these bushings,I have great life insurance from work,my wife will be set,lol,just hope she's not with me when I die,lol.

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