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So, I'm sure quite a few fellow Datsun and Nissan enthusiasts saw this on SpeedTV over the last year, it was celebrated back in 2010.  It was the 40th Anniversary of the Z car!


We missed our opportunity at a 30th Anniversary event for the 720, but here we are already in 2012, only 3 years away from the 35th anniversary of the 720.

I think that If anyone should lead the way for such an event, 720World should!

Discussions for a 720World event in Las Vegas, NV have already started.  Undertaking of such an event would be difficult without volunteers to help with planning and execution.  But perhaps a smaller "warm-up" event could be tried before the 35th Anniversary gets here.

Such an event could include a show-n-shine, bracket drag racing, trail rides and perhaps a burn-out competition so that both 4wd and 2wd owners have plenty to take part in.  Also, some technical seminars to help share valuable information.

Lodging and transportation would be the responsiblity of the participants, however, every effort would be made to try to set up discounted lodging in association with the event.  A participation entry fee would be charged to help cover the costs of the facilities, operating expenses, insurance and awards, etc.  The targeted cost of participation would be $150 or less for the entire event.  However, this will depend greatly on the number of participants, the facilities cost and the cost of event insurance.  Vendors will be encouraged to participate, with a table or exhibition fee TBD.  I'll also be approaching vendors for potential sponsors of the event, perhaps even Nissan itself.

I think a 3 day event, Friday through Sunday, would be warranted.

Let me know what you think, some of your ideas for such an event, and if you'd be interested in attending or helping with planning or execution.


Corey Amundson

aka TigerRacing


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I think the first question most would have is:  Where would it be held at?    Considering we are all scattered across the country it would be tough for some and easier for others to make an event like this.

No matter where it is held it would depend on how confident we are in the ability of our little old trucks to make it there and back without issue...could be quite an adventure for some!

I look forward to seeing how this develops and will keep in touch.

Well, unfortunately that is the toughest question.  Not even just here in the US, but we have members all over the world!

I've asked myself this question for quite some time, and the two best answers I could come up with is Las Vegas, NV and Smyrna, TN <Birthplace of the American 720.

Our highest concentration of members is in the southwest USA, CA, AZ and NV.  And, Las Vegas is a city which revolves around tourism, so good deals are available there.  It's also a Motorsports Mecca, and has thousands upon thousands of acres of off road areas near by.

So, no decision has been made, but that where I'm leaning right now.

I often go to classic car events around the country.  Due to the limited number of 720's out there I think we would need to start with regional shows (southeast, northwest, etc) first then expand from there.  The cost would be cheap particularly if you could find a venue that would host the event for a minimal amount.  I'd recommend some varous categories and prizes for the show and that would be it at first.  I wouldn't try to make it too complicated otherwise it just becomes a headache for everyone.



Unfortunately, even if we have regional shows, they'll have to be a first one.  And, where will it be?  Not to mention the cost and time to arrange multiple regional shows.  There are more 720's out there than you might think, but they are clustered into higher population areas.

So, this might be the way it plays out, but it looks to me like the southwest region would be the easiest to start with, and has the highest possibility for a good turn out.

Besides, who doesn't want to go to Las Vegas lol???

We'll see how this plays out, and what people have to say here on this thread.  All ideas and opinions are welcome.

But as mazspd6 said, adventure is what it's all about...  And what an adventure it would be to travel to Las Vegas and back in your 720.  Not to mention, we can set it up so that we all stay connected through 720World as we travel, people can share phone numbers and routes planned, and we can all help each other get there!

FYI, I would plan on driving my 720, that's about a 5000 mile round trip for me.  But if I didn't trust the truck that distance, I have a trailer, and so does U-haul lol..

Corey is right, Las Vegas (where I am) is pretty much centered around stuff like this and I am putting up my shop here in town as a gathering place.  As for putting up a car show, we have a huge parking area in our complex which is at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and I can get pretty much enough area for about 75 trucks for free.

I have followed the general Datsun community for quite a while and the strongest community of genuine Datsun/ Nissan owners is in the Pacific Northwest.  Up there they have 2 really successful annual events; one in Canby, OR and another in Blue Lake, OR.  Some of our 720 members go to these events, but they are not 720 specific.

Here in the southwest there are some events, mostly in southern california.  In Las Vegas we don't have anything genuinely 720, or even just Nissan.  

Here's what I propose:

1)  We need to take some tips from our friends in the Northwest and see what it is that makes their events so successful every year and employ those ideas.  (I will be either going to Canby or Blue Lake this year, so I can share my experiences)

2)  Regional events are a good idea, as the greatest number of people can participate, but each meet will be smaller than one big one.  For that I suggest we get the regions figured out, figure out who's participating where and see what our resources are by region.  (If you want to come to Vegas, I'd surely love it!)  Once we know who's who by region, let's each region come up with an action plan and pick dates and places.  

3)  In order to make it  successful, get out and involved with the other Datsun/Nissan enthusaist clubs and invite them out.  It might be a 720 meet, but many will come just because it is Nissan related, especially if invited.  This also helps as some clubs have events planned throughout the year.  If  we were to get involved with their plans and work together, this would help in the volunteer department.  (many hands makes light work.)

As for out here in Vegas, Id like to have a two day event.  Car show is great, but definitely in the fall or spring as the summer is a killer.  Vendors would be welcome.  I also deal with a company called U-drift and we could certainly have some track time set up through them one night.

The motor speedway has street-oriented drag racing open to street vehicles on some friday nights and the event can work with that in mind.

As TTR stated, there are endless miles of trails out here and going on a trail ride would be easy to coordinate.  Participation might be less for that than a car show or other thing, but it would be on my agenda.  Additionally, just meeting somebody in person is a great experience as we get to see and talk face-to-face and ideas can be more freely expressed.

For the record, I did NOT suggest Las Vegas as a central meeting spot, but I'd be happy to host everybody.  

Kind of like having a Canby event in the Southwest.

There's always the option of just participating in other Datsun/Nissan shows already happening around the country, and just having our own "stable" of trucks at these shows, sort of a "show within a show"...

No Patrick did not suggest Las Vegas, I just went to visit him, and saw how great a motorsport venue Las Vegas could be...  (But it was also great to meet him, see his shop, and all the other shops in his neighborhood lol!)  I'm still leaning toward Las Vegas for the first national event, but I'm open to all the other suggestions put out here.  You all don't need my approval for anything as far as getting together for any truck meets, it's a free country and you can all meet when-ever, and where-ever you want, and you can use 720World as a place to set it up.  But that being said, I will only associate the "720World" name with a event that I support.

i think the idea of having regional shows first sound like a good idea, i will talk with acouple members thats stay in the LA and long beach area and see if we can set one up and see how many ppl around the LA are would be interested and more importantly able to go.


Sounds good!

Too far for me.How about Atlanta,Ga.?

Alright, all of you out in Las Vegas, I need some input for our 2012 Nevada Regional 720 Event.  I'm getting involved with Sin City Z club and a couple other organizations and will need some input on what we'd like to see.  I know we have a few members out here in Vegas and can call up 5 720 trucks immediately plus another 3 Z-cars and another vintage Datsun as well as 2 S13 240SXs.  That is only the people I know, so in light of that, what can we get going.  Let's set the example and get the ball rolling out here.  I also invite those folks in SoCal who might be interested in travelling to consider our event.  As I come up with a basic plan, I'll post a thread and see what can be done.  


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