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So, I'm sure quite a few fellow Datsun and Nissan enthusiasts saw this on SpeedTV over the last year, it was celebrated back in 2010.  It was the 40th Anniversary of the Z car!


We missed our opportunity at a 30th Anniversary event for the 720, but here we are already in 2012, only 3 years away from the 35th anniversary of the 720.

I think that If anyone should lead the way for such an event, 720World should!

Discussions for a 720World event in Las Vegas, NV have already started.  Undertaking of such an event would be difficult without volunteers to help with planning and execution.  But perhaps a smaller "warm-up" event could be tried before the 35th Anniversary gets here.

Such an event could include a show-n-shine, bracket drag racing, trail rides and perhaps a burn-out competition so that both 4wd and 2wd owners have plenty to take part in.  Also, some technical seminars to help share valuable information.

Lodging and transportation would be the responsiblity of the participants, however, every effort would be made to try to set up discounted lodging in association with the event.  A participation entry fee would be charged to help cover the costs of the facilities, operating expenses, insurance and awards, etc.  The targeted cost of participation would be $150 or less for the entire event.  However, this will depend greatly on the number of participants, the facilities cost and the cost of event insurance.  Vendors will be encouraged to participate, with a table or exhibition fee TBD.  I'll also be approaching vendors for potential sponsors of the event, perhaps even Nissan itself.

I think a 3 day event, Friday through Sunday, would be warranted.

Let me know what you think, some of your ideas for such an event, and if you'd be interested in attending or helping with planning or execution.


Corey Amundson

aka TigerRacing


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And according to NC DMV laws, 2015 I no longer have to get an state inspection on my truck. YAY!

I would really like to go to this!  Count me in if you pull it off.






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