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The ongoing vibration issue finally reared it's head

Could never isolate a vibration in one of my trucks.

Took it last year to a respected local shop.......and they suggested it was the transfer case.

Changed it.....not......no 'improvment'.

I knew the rearend was ready to calf.....changed that.........little better.

Soooooooo.....last couple of weeks I start hearing some thumping/knocking from the truck.

Oh well...I thought..... just grab one of my Z22s, bore it out and add some KA pistons and replace the engine.

A little premature on my plans......

I decided to push the clutch in with my hand and listen to the noise, with my head under the truck.

To my amazement......it went away.

So.......input shaft?.

Here nor there......it will be pulled.

This is good.

Then again.......there is that Datsun kaos factor.......never assume....:)

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If it's at slow speeds then the trans for sure needs rebuilt. But if the vibration is at speed then you'll need to consider the driveline itself.
It's relative to RPM....... can also feel it when I push the clutch pedal in when shifting and, or at a lower RPM under a load.
'Noise'.... is MIA when clutch pedal depressed at idle.
Thinking....pilot bushing or input shaft......it's not the throw out bearing....or in the driveline.
I think.
No rebuild.....
Think I have 3 or 4 extra trannies.....lying about.
If vibrating when idling it has to be something that is spinning then and nothing behind the tranny. It could be a very bad pilot bushing that allows the clutch disc to wobble. Or the clutch disc itself may have a piece broken off and missing. These two would cause the most vibration from an out of balance spinning mass (specially at low idle speed I would think) Worn or damaged tranny bearings or missing gear teeth would likely be more of a growling sound than a vibration.

If you change the tranny, check these as well.
Sounds like a NFG rod bearing and or at idle
The vibration shakes the whole truck while driving.....more noticable over 2500 RPM.
I can feel the 'clutch' spinning when it's depressed.
The weird thing is....it's really bad when the truck is cold?
And....some days are worse than others....
Figure that out.....lol
bellhousing coming loose? i played hell with a vibration coming and going and it was a 2 minute fix.


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