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Little Trucks, Big World

Well fella's, things are rolling right along for the resurrection of my truck.  Started getting parts in for her. Got the new spindles, shocks, rotors, muffler, and the Be Cool electric fan and painless electric fan wiring.  We ordered a remanufactored engine tonight for her as well.  The thing is for the electric fan I'm not sure of a good place to locate the electric thermostatic switch to cut the fan on and off.  I see people cutting the lower radiator hose and putting a tee in and putting the switch there, but is that the only option for this or does anyone know of a super secret location on these trucks to hook it up.  I am  also wondering of a good place to put a sending unit for the oil pressure gauge, i know where the stock light sensor is but can I remove that and get rid of that or does this use that sensor for engine performance. I know this is way before the days of variable valve timing but its a good question I believe. Thanks guys.

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