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throttle bogs down and fuel sending unit....help!

I have a Weber 32/36 and after over a year of being off the truck for a full restoration job, I have a hesitation in throttle response upon first application of fuel.     The engine will literally "bog" down, but not stall, and then jump to life with a nice full rev of the engine.     It does not miss or anything like that, this is a simple falling off and then an immediate pick-up of engine rpm's.

The main problem is drivability of course since every time you want to step on the gas it flop sweats. If you place a heavy enough throttle application down sometimes you can push past it with only a small drop before taking off but then at times it will just fall flat and snap to life with a jerk of your head and a buck of the truck in response...not smooth at all for road use.

I was not sure if the Weber was getting the proper amount of fuel since my regulator was set for my old fuel pump that frankly..stunk.   I purchased a new OEM one for my rebuild (and a new fuel tank, lines, filters, etc.) and it still hesitated so I ran the fuel line straight from the fuel pump right to the carb (with the potential for too high of a fuel load) but it still hesitated just the same.

Is it possible that the other parts of the carb need to be taken apart and cleaned after being "down" for so long (i.e. needle valves, jets, etc.), would they possibly cause the issue?

Part 2:

The previously mentioned new fuel tank was installed and I used the original fuel sending unit because it worked fine previously, sadly now that i have it all installed and fuel in the tank the gauge is not working.

I checked the wires and cleaned the harness contact points but still nothing.   I used the ohm meter and checked the switch and it showed 93 ohms which would be "empty" on the gauge, which is exactly what the gauge is showing, problem is...it has about a half tank or so of fuel right now so it should register much lower at about maybe 35-38ish.

Upon testing the main wiring coming back to the switch the voltage was all over the place reading 2 volts one second and 11.59 the next, I couldn't make much of that really.

I am REALLY not looking forward to taking this tank back out and removing the sending unit now that it has a bunch of fuel in it to replace the sending unit.

If you have any ideas or better yet "experience" with these two items I would love to hear them.

Thanks guys!

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I guess I'll be looking at a new starter then since my timing is stock setting.

It is the same starter i was using before the rebuild, it was one of the few things that were not replaced.

I stopped at AutoZone today and had them check the starter but they had to check the battery as well, i guess.

Upon checking the battery they said it was "bad", which of course left me saying, what...it's new!

Luckily it was less than a year old so they swapped it for a new one at no cost.

We did check the starter as well and it checked out fine.

I will keep an eye on it and see how it is does over the next week.

I don't think the new batteries hold up like they did in the past. I used to get 5-7 years out of a battery. But the last 5 years or so I'm lucky if I get 3 years. My 720 made it to 2011 before the battery went south, it was 8 years old. I have had to replace it every 2 years since then. My pathfinder kills a battery every 3 years and my 2015 camry killed a battery the first 14 months of its life.
I agree totally, the new batteries seem to be made out old "D-cell" batteries joined with duct tape.

It used to be that i also could get 5-7 years out of a battery and just had to keep up on the distilled water level, these days you don't even get to the end of the warranty period.

Honestly, I believe, that is their plan to keep you buying their brand it benefits them to have it fail and "pro-rate" the battery so that you will buy another.

It's bad and good business at the same time!

Hi Ya'll,got me a new battery in January,the old one lasted 6 years and 3 months,it was a 5 year battery,never had a problem with it,got it from Walmart,it is called Ever Start Maxx,the best they have.Has great cold cranking amps,but it never gets cold here in my part of Georgia,it is still close to 90 degrees here,haven't had no rain here in months,had no bugs here this past Summer. I Didn't have to cut grass but twice this summer.I paid 99 bucks for the battery.

Here's what Advance Auto Parts does on their battery sales,say you buy a 5 year battery,and it really is a 3 year battery,when it goes bad about 3 years,you take it back and they prorate it and sell you another one at a discount,which means you will keep buying batteries from them,happen to me years ago,I didn't take back,went to Walmart and got a good battery that last past the warranty,stay away from Advance,they are crooks.





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